Website creation

Whether it is a showcase website, an e-commerce website or a merchant website, your website will be created with a lot of attention.

Web design

The innovative webdesign of MOOC Digital Marketing using the latest web technologies has made it stand out from other websites.


Web referencing whether it is Search Engine Optimization (natural) or SEA (Google Adwords) referencing, is necesseray for your business.

A web agency for your digital strategy

Why should you get support for your digital strategy? An online business requires a lot of work to exploit the richness of the web and the different opportunities offered by this ever-expanding world. To be accompanied is above all the assurance of being advised by experts.

The latter allow you to have a unique website whose content can be adapted to any medium such as the example of Un Instant Déco Événementiel. They have the necessary hindsight to determine the main lines of your digital strategy in line with your objectives. They also help you choose the best content and social media strategy.

Innovative graphic design services

Design & Ergonomics

Design & Ergonomics

Take a look at the Techniques Webmarketing website, our agency took care of everything.

UX Design / UI Design

These designs are accessible and easy-to-use web interfaces for all types of support and user-friendly.

Graphic design

The graphic design of your visual identity from the creation of your logo to the design of your graphic charter.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

A technique that allows your website to adapt to all types of media such as smartphones and tablets.

Motion Design

Motion Design

A technique that allows you to animate graphic elements that are static, without telling a story.

Computer graphics

Creation of personalized computer graphics created by designers from scratch or following a precise model.

Implementation of a webmarketing strategy

Community managment

With an explosion in the use of social networks, the role of the community manager has taken on another dimension and now goes beyond the classic role of animating a community.

A web content strategy is essential for your company's website traffic on the web. You must choose your web content carefully so as not to negatively affect your e-reputation.

As a marketing operation designed to promote a product, the advertising campaign must follow certain basic rules around your visual communication in order to be successful.

SEO & audit services

The visual identity is the basis of the communication strategy. Why use a communication agency to improve it? The optimization of the interaction with the ecosystem of a company goes through several components including referencing. An SEO strategy is more than essential for lead generation and sales development. Once your website is well positioned on search engines, you benefit from qualified traffic and a better conversion rate.

An SEO audit should be done periodically to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO. Sometimes it is enough to make a few changes to improve the SEO but in some cases, going through the website redesign box is inevitable. It all depends on the reports written following your audit operation.